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                Suzhou China


                History & Culture

                As one of the first group of "Cultural and Historic Cities" of China as well as a key scenic tourist city, Suzhou has a history of over 2500 years since He Lv, the King of Wu ...



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                Scenery of the Taihu Lake

                Top stories More

                36 Taiwan-funded projects signed in Kunshan ci...

                At a ceremony held in Kunshan city on Sept. 16, a total of 36 major Taiwan-funded projects were signed, with a total inv...


                The 2021?Global AI Product & Application Expo...

                At a press conference on the afternoon of Sept. 13, it was announced that the 2021 Global AI Product & Applicat...


                SUCO 2021-2022 Season opening concert staged o...

                The opening concert of 2021-2022 season of the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra (SUCO) was staged on the evening of Sept. 13. Th...


                Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo to open soon

                The 3rd Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo will be held in Suzhou from Sept. 22 to 25. With the theme of “Integration, I...